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Esch Clip & 2X Lens

Esch Clip & 2X Lens

  • $ 125.00

Experience the difference that even light-power magnification can make in your daily production quality and speed with affordable Eschenbach 2X Binocular Clip-on Loupes. Simply clip them onto the nose bridge area of most prescription and safety eyewear for German-made precision magnification. When not needed, flip lens up and away - without removing your glasses! Rubber tips on clip protect glasses from scratches. Wide-field, interchangeable lenses are made of PXM, a lighter-than-glass, optically pure plastic for superior image quality and ultra-light weight. Dually protected with scratch-resistant and anti-static coatings. 10" working distance. All lenses snap into extra-strength support arm to change magnification power on the go. Total weight only 0.9 oz.

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